Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Make Way For Alternative Health Care Research

In the past few decades, alternative medicine is starting to make its claim on the medical world. Some may consider it to be a pseudo-science, but nevertheless, alternative medicine is practiced quite widely. In fact, alternative medicine practitioners are doing their own scientific researches to prove that their practice could be at par with conventional medicine.The research is not a matter of which is better among the two; instead, it focuses more on how to give the people more treatment options. Through the years, more and more consumers are looking for natural treatments, which are as effective but do not have as much side effects as traditional treatments. Of course, part of their reason to prefer alternative medicine is economical. Consumers can save a lot on alternative medicine.As more alternative health care researches are made available, more conventional doctors are starting to integrate their practice with some alternative methods. Both alternative health care and otherwise researches demonstrate somewhat the same results when it comes to identifying the cause of the ailments.Alternative medicine also plays a major role to proper health care. They strive to provide curative treatments for common disorders, such as diabetes and arthritis. Like traditional medicines, they are an integral contributor the scientific world.In fact, several licensed alternative medical schools are brewing up. They also follow defined and comprehensive curriculums, complete with several studies and researches to scientifically back up their data. They’ve done their own researches and conducted their own studies, not to oppose what conventional medical schools, have done, but to complement them instead.One reason why alternative health care research is gaining much popularity these days is the fact that alternative medicine could not do any harm when implemented correctly. When alternative medicine is combined with conventional medicine, overall risks are reduced and possibly will make the patient heal at a faster rate.Alternative medicine is usually associated with some religious or spiritual beliefs. Though it could be true in some of the therapies, it is not entirely proper to generally refer to alternative medicine as such. It is just basically taking in natural supplements instead of drowning oneself with synthetic drugs. The philosophy is to make the patient more in-tune with the body and nature.Currently, though alternative medicine is still not widely accepted, especially in the Western culture, it is good to note that it is gaining supporters quickly. Most conventional medicine practitioners do not find any problem in suggesting alternative treatments alongside their prescriptions. Unfortunately, there are still several critics who do not place any confidence in alternative practices. It could be because of the lack of scientific studies made to prove the effectiveness of alternative health care. By definition, these practices are referred as alternative practices precisely because of their lack of scientific proof. The moment more scientific health care researches are made on them, they’d no longer be alternative forms but another conventional treatments.There is one major hindrance in conducting these researches on alternative treatments though. Because these treatments usually just aim to make the patient feel better about himself and be self-aware, science finds it hard to arrive at a complete solution. Also, alternative medicine elicit slight changes over longer periods of time which makes it difficult to achieve a more definitive scientific research, because the positive results could just be due to the placebo effect or natural healing.
By: Robert Palmer
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