Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who Is Right: Medical Doctors Or Natural Health Promoters? Part 1

Have you noticed that there is often a sharp divide in between the allopathic health community and the naturopathic health community? In other words, the Medical Doctors and the Natural Health Professionals often seem to disagree fundamentally. But which is right?Perhaps it is not so much of an issue of being right as it is an issue of roles and expertise. Perhaps it is not that Medical Doctors are bad or that natural health solutions are a hoax. Perhaps they should work together!In the part one of this report, we'll discuss the medical side of the issue: Pros and cons. Then we'll do the same for the natural side, then wrap the discussion up.The downside of the allopathic approach to healthOne of the biggest problems with the medical approach to health is side effects. Quite simply, there are no pharmaceutical drugs that do not have undesirable side effects. Some have fewer side effects, some have more. Some side effects are very serious, others are not. But all drugs have side effects.Another bad aspect to allopathic health is that it generally is designed to artificially and often superficially correct the problem, but not deal with the root issue. For example, when you take cold medicine, it does nothing for your cold - it just suppresses the symptoms so that you don't notice the cold symptoms as much.So for me, the biggest problems with using pharmaceuticals is that they are toxic, can be dangerous, and often do not address the root health issue.On the plus side, the Medical approach excels in crisis situations. For example, if I were in a car accident and were in critical condition, I would not go see a nutritionist. I would go to the hospital, where they could forcefully intervene and hopefully save my life.
By: Adam Thompson -

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