Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who Is Right: Medical Doctors Or Natural Health Promoters? Part 2

While the allopathic approach to health certainly has it's share of faults, the natural health approach is not perfect either.Probably the biggest issue the natural health community faces is the issue of quality and truth. In other words, what really works, and what doesn't? You sometimes have to dig through a lot of dirt to find the gold, as the proverb says.Often times a particular nutrient, plant, or source may be helpful, but the end product is not. One study showed that some antioxidant products actually had an oxidative effect. Why? Because the company producing them had not properly researched, developed, and tested their products.The greatest strength of the natural approach is that it generally works with your body, instead of against it or in spite of it, like the medical approach does. There are exceptions to this, though. Many herbs are really just natural drugs, so you should be careful with them.But nutritional supplements, for example, work with your body to strengthen, build up, and equip your body to protect, defend and restore your health naturally, with no side effects. The flip side of the coin is of course that nutrition takes time to do it's job. In critical cases, something more abrupt is needed - perhaps something the medical community has to offer.That leads us to the conclusion: perhaps the solution is for natural and medical health practices to work together to create an even healthier you.What if you were to use improved nutrition, nutritional supplements and other natural methods to naturally improve your health, but still use "conventional" medical approaches when needed? The key is to balance the cost and the benefits. Is not feeling your cold symptoms worth the potential side effects and long term health damage that you could get from using cold medication? On the other hand, if you have an infection, is running the risk of a serious infection or running the risk of damage from antibiotics worse?Get the facts, balance the issues, and use natural and medical approaches together for the best of health!

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