Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tips To Help Your Diet Stick

Millions of people across the country are dieting right now. In fact, 20 percent of Americans are undergoing some weight-loss regimen, with many more watching what they eat without using any particular dieting program.

Unfortunately, those diets don't always work. Hunger often trumps women's otherwise steadfast dedication to making healthy eating choices. Research reveals that weight-conscious women's eating habits can swing drastically from good to bad, across the day and throughout the week.

"Nearly all women go through ups and downs each day with their eating plans," said Harley Pasternak, MSc, fitness and nutrition specialist and author of the books "5-Factor Fitness" and the upcoming "5-Factor Diet." "With hectic lives, we want easy, simple solutions that taste great, take the guesswork out of healthy eating and can help in our moments of weakness without it feeling like a sacrifice."

Here are some tips to help you stick to your goals:

• Be active. Incorporate fitness and you'll see encouraging results even faster.

• Don't skip meals. It will be too easy to go off your plan if you make yourself go hungry. Consider Special K Protein Meal Bars.

• Drink lots of water. It will help fill you up, cleanse your system and digest your food properly. Some products, such as Special K2O Protein Waters, offer five grams of protein per bottle, which appeals to dieters.

• While every dieter has different needs, use common sense to maximize your results with healthier eating habits.

• Be aware of appropriate portion sizes.

• Use cooking techniques that don't add extra fat, such as grilling, baking and broiling.

• Don't skip snacks to save calories-they are critical to your success by keeping your metabolism burning throughout the day. Carry Special K Protein Snack Bars to help you stay on track.

Protein-enhanced products from Special K are available in diet and nutrition aisles of grocery and drug stores.

By: Stacey Moore

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